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HORSCH Leeb GS – The new generation of the plant protection sprayer with stainless steel tank

The HORSCH Leeb GS is one of the few plant protection sprayers that has been sustaining its market position for already quite a long time. Among other things, this is also due to the well-proven concept of the stainless steel tank and the award-winning boom control system BoomControl Pro.

The new generation of the GS sprayer is even more variable with regard to equipment and configurations. Customers’ requirements can now be met with the equipment versions ECO, CCS CCS (Continuous Cleaning System) and CCS Pro. Moreover, the GS line will be equipped with the new and innovative HORSCH software and electronics in the form of an easy-to-handle ISOBUS concept.

The sprayer is available with a 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 litre stainless steel tank that allows for an easy and quick cleaning. The equipment version Eco has mechanical valves at the suction and the pressure side with an electronic display in the filling area and a piston diaphragm pump. 

Leeb GS


The CCS version is equipped with valves at the suction and the pressure side with an electric tank level indicator in the suction area and a continuous inside cleaning system. The equipment version CCS Pro uses a modern electronic system. Suction and pressure side are equipped with electrical valves for an extremely comfortable handling. Additionally, there are several cleaning programs, e.g. boom rinsing, that can be operated comfortably from the tractor cabin. 

The Leeb GS excels due to even more reduced hose lengths and residual quantities as well as due to an optimum arrangement of the fittings and the distribution system. It is equipped with 3” fittings, a powerful stainless steel induction hopper, a 3” rotary pump with an output of 1,000 l/min as a spraying pump and an additional piston diaphragm pump as a suction aid for the continuous inside cleaning (only CCS and CCS Pro). 

Leeb GS

The available boom widths range from 18 m to 42 m with 6 to 42 sections and with regard to the boom control system you can choose between the patented and award-winning boom control system BoomControl ECO / Pro and Pro Plus. Due to the quick and active boom control system a low target height is possible in combination with a 25-cm-spacing nozzle layout even at high application speeds. The low target height reduces the drift risk. The customer can choose between twelve different nozzle configurations. 


A smooth underbody to protect the crop, a clearance of 85 cm and a hydraulic support leg are part of the extensive standard equipment. The optional axle steering guarantees an exact following of the tractor tracks is a system that is fully integrated in the machine and the gyroscope is mounted on the axle. Thus, you do not need a connection to the tractor. Only the hydraulic system, brake, light and ISOBUS have to be connected with the tractor. An air-suspended axle with level regulation and track widths from 1.80 m to 2.25 m as well as special track widths are available. 

Source: HORSCH


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