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HORSCH presents another front hopper – the Partner 2000 FT

The Partner 2000 FT is the bigger brother of the Partner 1600 FT which, of course, still will be available. The capacity amounts to 2,200 litre and it is available in two versions which so far are unparalleled on the market and offer an enormous variability. It is available as a double front hopper for providing seed and fertiliser or two different fertilisers. The partition is 60:40.

The second partition is 75:25 – the large hopper section is intended for fertiliser or seed and the smaller section for micro-granular compound. In this case, a standard and a micro- granular metering device are mounted instead of the two standard metering devices like for the 60:40 partition.

The tyre packer – an option for the Partner 2000 FT – is controlled passively. The equipment options are completed by additional weights and working lights.

Source: HORSCH Maschinen GmbH