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Kröger - Smart Lock for the three-way tipper Go to photo
Kröger - Smart Lock for the three-way tipper

Hydraulic „Smart-Lock" central locking device for the agroliner three-way tipper

At many German collection points, be it for potatoes, sugar beets or cereals, numerous safety regulations nowadays regulate unloading procedures. Among others things, many collection points require that the driver does exit from the tractor vehicle when delivering crops.


Since there is already a solution on the market for hydraulic remote unlocking, Kröger has now developed a hydraulically remote-controlled locking and unlocking mechanism (patent pending) for the side panels. With the "Smart-Lock" system, the entire unloading procedure can now be hydraulically controlled from the tractor. A manual intervention from the driver is no longer required. This results in several advantages in practice:

  • Increased work safety, since the side panels no longer have to be opened or closed manually. The driver remains in the tractor cab during the entire unloading procedure. Therefore, the risk of accidents associated with entering the various collections points can be virtually ruled out.

  • It is impossible to open the locks in the wrong sequence and therefore mechanical breakdowns are prevented.

  • Increased productivity, since the time required until now to leave the tractor cab and manually open and close the side boards is saved. (Manual locking and unlocking of the side boards of a tractor-tipper combination requires approx. 2.5 to 3 minutes per unloading procedure)

  • The tractor driver is no longer exposed to dust contamination (e.g. when unloading cereals)

Source: Peter Kröger GmbH


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