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ISOTRONIC and VT TRONIC, even more ISOBUS compatibility

Just one language


Using ISOBUS, farmers control their machines with a single terminal in the cab, which may or may not be integrated in the tractor. This also lets them use the same means of activation from one machine to another and to automate GPS functions.


The ISOBUS language is used so that the sprayer and the terminal can communicate.

Each farmer equipped with BERTHOUD's ISOTRONIC solution may connect their sprayer to any type of ISOBUS Universal Terminal in order to return the machine controls to them.

The same applies for advanced precision-agriculture applications grouped under the TASK CONTROLLER concept: Section shut-off (TC-SC), variable-rate application (TC-GEO) and task documentation (TC-BAS), which will also be managed from the Universal Terminal if it allows this.

The RAPTOR and VANTAGE ranges are delivered as standard with the ISOBUS functions activated.

VT TRONIC: The all-in-one ISOBUS and GPS spraying solution

The new VT TRONIC screen is a premium ISOBUS terminal which, as standard, provides the functions of guidance, section shut-off, intra-plot application adjustment and documentation. The 30.8 cm screen is tactile and has an information-display concept that uses windows that can be moved with the fingertips for greater convenience and visibility.

It functions under android, on which it is possible to install additional software to increase its functionalities.

It is therefore possible to download agricultural applications or display information such as the weather forecast, precipitation alerts, prices of cereals, etc.

The advantages of BERTHOUD's ISOBUS solution

Whatever the solution chosen, ISOTRONIC and VT TRONIC are delivered with the E PILOT wireless joystick, which controls the hydraulic functions of the sprayer and can open spraying within a radius of 20 m around the machine.

These solutions are available on the VANTAGE and RAPTOR ranges.