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JULIA – single-seed precision seeding drill

JULIA is a precision planter, designed to operate on large plots using tractors with GPS guidance.


Huge, but very agile: JULIA stands out for its great operating capacity, due to a working width of 16 meters for a total of 24 rows at 75 cm, and the 7.000 litres fertilizer hopper and 2.000 litres seed hopper.

Despite its dimensions, JULIA has a transport width of just 3 meters, thanks to both the top closure of the wings and the telescopic closure of the wheel axle.

The seeding quality is ensured by the centralized distribution of seed and fertilizer: the central tank refill in the same time the 24 service tanks. JULIA also has a cleaner structure, with greater protection of the distribution circuit.

JULIA can be equipped with ISOTRONIC technology, the new electronically-controlled seeding unit with ISOBUS protocol. An electric motor is installed on each element and through the ISOTRONIC management ensures high seeding accuracy. The distributor apparatus is not equipped with a mechanical transmission at all: no gears, no shafts, and no universal joint. As such, maintenance is simplified and reduced to a minimum.

The adjustment of the seeding precision is not mechanical but pneumatic, through AIRSPRING bearings, and can be managed through the services monitor.