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KUHN FB 3130, FB 3135 and FBP 3135 BalePack

To complete our range of professional Fixed chamber round Balers, KUHN introduces the new FB 3130, FB 3135 and FB 3135 BalePack. This baler range is designed to produce exceptional high bale densities even in the most demanding conditions.

The FB 3130, standard AT10 control, represents the no-nonsense profi baler in our Fixed chamber line.

The FB 3135 & FBP 3135 BalePack represent the high-end profi models with ISOBUS steering and multiple in cab controlled functions designed to work in the heaviest conditions throughout the world.

Unique features of the new 3100 series Fixed chamber round Balers;

  • Optimal intake performance; all new FB models feature a cam-track pick-up unit. The 230 cm wide pick-up delivers maximum ground adaption by its pendulum capabilities for optimal crop intake. The 5 tine rows and short crop roller ensure a fluent and clean raking job, even at high forward speeds.

  • Crop cutting quality; the balers are equipped with the patented* Integral Rotor Technology with double rotor tines made out of Hardox wear plates. This simple, maintenance free, short distance intake system guarantees an enormous throughput capacity at all times. Group selection is available on the FB 3135 & BalePack model with OC 14 or 23 cutting unit. Standard hydraulic rotor disengagement and drop floor technology ensure fast and easy clearance when a blockage may occur.

  • Perfect bale formation; the heart of the machine is formed by the redesigned 18 roller bale chamber. All rollers are made of 3,2 mm thick high-strength steel which are roll-formed and laser-welded on one side for optimal durability. These renewed power track rollers have symmetrical profiles which generate exceptionally high density and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions. The fast tailgate detection improves ease of operation at which the tailgate opens and closes in up to 4,5 seconds.

  • Trouble free baling; the split drive line, with the bale chamber drive on one side and rotor plus pick-up drive on the other, ensures a smooth operation and a uniform power transfer. The main drive and bale roller chains are made up of high-strength 100H (1¼) chains. Together with the 50 mm double raced bearings on the drive side main load points, trouble free baling in heavy conditions is guaranteed.

  • Binding; the new net binder with active stretch technology assures a firm bale shape with constant high net tension throughout the entire binding cycle. The net stretch can simply be adjusted via the variable pulley for tighter wrapped, denser bales.

  • Fast and reliable bale transfer; the side guide protection plates on the FB 3135 BalePack ensure a rapid and secure bale transfer even when working in steep or sloping fields. The 4 belt wrapping table with 2 large rollers and 4 side cones provide maximum bale traction, even bale rotation and proper film overlap, regardless of the bale shape. The improved “twin loading fork” system offers faster bale transfer of up to 30%.

  • Excellent wrapping; greater management and control of the wrapping process can be achieved by our unique IntelliWrap™. Key features of IntelliWrap™ are 3D wrapping, applying odd number of layers (4,5,6,7,8,9…), adjustable film overlap and a user friendly wrapping interface. IntelliWrap™ provides well-shaped, tightly sealed bales and therefore higher quality silage.

KUHN offers the most efficient and versatile range of balers available for the market. KUHN balers are not only designed to produce top quality bales but are also built for unmatched reliability.

*Patent or patent pending in one or more countries

Source: Kuhn

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