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LIFT CONTROL provides only advantages on the new KUHN disc mowers GMD 1011 Series

The new GMD LIFT CONTROL 1011 Series disc mowers are aimed at breeding farms focused on intensive grass production, which are looking for a product easy to use, highly reliable, and enabling them to harvest a clean forage, rich in nutrients, without re-cutting it and preserving the sward to facilitate regrowth.


The GMD 2811, GMD 3111, GMD 3511, GMD 4011 and GMD 4411 models, with respective working widths of 2.67m, 3.10m, 3.50m, 3.95m and 4.35m.

The GMD 1011 series are equipped with the exclusive LIFT CONTROL suspension that combines homogeneous floatation, a pendulum-type articulation and an active NON-STOP safety, without the need for an adjustment tool. There are many benefits: no time loss due to settings or the release of the safety. Key components are protected in case of hitting an obstacle thanks to the mowing unit raising and rearward pivot. The machine’s service life is optimized despite the high stresses linked to the ever increasing working speed. The harvested crop is clean owing to the impeccable ground following. Its nutritional value is preserved. This perfectly managed floatation also contributes to reducing fuel consumption and skid wear.

These new mowers also feature significant developments, providing numerous benefits to users in terms of functionalities, comfort, and reliability.

More functionalities for increased performances: higher clearance in headland turn position (and for transport), larger offset range for adaptation to tractor external dimensions and for an optimum cut in combination with a front mount mower.

More comfort: simplified tractor coupling (tractor links no longer require adjustment to compensate for the weight of the mowing units) and automatic setting into « medium cutting height » (45/50 mm) position when switching into the working position, without having to adjust the top link.

More reliability: redesigned mowing unit attachment, carrying arm and pivot points to take into account the constant development in tractor speeds and powers. Moreover, the 4011 and 4411 mowing units are fitted with suspension during transport and headland turn manoeuvring phases, for increased safety and comfort while driving on paths in poor condition.

The new GMDs are, as with former generations, equipped with the maintenance-free OPTIDISC cutter bar of which the discs have distinct disc spacing to ensure quality mowing and optimal forage ejection in all circumstances. The bevelled shape of the knives, the shape of the discs with converging rotation and the excellent suspension all contribute to producing a clean forage of high energetic and nutritional value, with limited losses, for higher herd productivity.

The cutter bar is linked to a carrying structure by means of rubber mounts that filter vibrations. The PROTECTADRIVE safety protects the mechanical components in case of hitting an obstacle. To reduce downtime and current maintenance costs, these GMDs feature the quick release blade mount system.

It is undeniable that the new bodywork design adds a modern touch and allows accommodating elegantly the removable knife box and operator’s manual.

The GMDs of the 1011 LIFT CONTROL Series benefit from the technology, know-how and experience gained by KUHN, the first manufacturer of disc mowers worldwide, for almost 50 years.

Source: Kuhn