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LogiMover delivers improved performance and user-friendliness

Just a year after unveiling the pilot version of the LogiMover, production systems specialist Eisenmann will showcase an updated model at this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart. The solution now boasts more powerful hydraulic lifters and integrated collision-avoidance technology. Operated in fully automatic mode or via an intuitive manual controller, this highly flexible and affordable pallet transporter brings automation to areas it has never reached before. Having successfully completed its first live tests at potential customers, the LogiMover is now primed and ready for real-world applications.

One new feature is the master/slave configuration: the master tine communicates with the master computer or manual controller, and the slave tine follows the master. The synchronized tines are guided by single-track markings taped to the floor. They travel at a speed of one meter per second, and a sensor-controlled collision-avoidance device prevents impacts and injury. The electronics and sensors are compactly installed in the head module. The latest LogiMover model is energy-efficient: the drives and hydraulic lifters reclaim energy during braking and lowering. Weighing under 100 kilos and with a maximum payload of one metric ton, the LogiMover has an extremely favorable net weight/load ratio. Conventional systems with comparable performance can cost almost twice as much.

The LogiMover’s greatest strengths are its unmatched maneuverability, small footprint, and correspondingly efficient use of space. Agile and flexible, it reduces transfer operations and can share traffic lanes with other machines or people. In a nutshell, it saves time, space, and money. In addition, the LogiMover has very modest infrastructure and layout needs, requiring little more than tracks taped to the floor. Track layouts can be created, modified and extended quickly, easily, and at low cost. The simple, modular design of the tines makes for rapid troubleshooting.

Thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, the LogiMover’s potential applications are virtually unlimited – in warehouse receiving and shipping zones, block storage, production logistics, picking, truck loading and unloading – and in special environments such as cleanrooms and cold rooms.