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Mower conditioners with front and rear rollers FC 3125 RF / FC 3525 RF / FC 8830 R

The gradual development of pulse crops and other delicate forages such as whole crops supports the development of a new FC 8830 R rear-mounted machine of 8.73m and two front models: FC 3125 RF and  3525 RF.


The FC 8830 R is based on 2 mowing units of 3.10 m equipped with the new OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar and roller conditioners with the special SQUAREFLEX profile.

The 2 rollers each have a diameter of 24 cm and their specific fingerprints ensure an efficient and homogeneous conditioning of the strands whatever direction they enter between the rollers.

The spacing between the rollers can be adapted for particular cases but it is essentially by the central pressure setting that the user modulates the conditioning intensity.

This setting is done via torsion bars; it can reach up to 500 kg/linear metre of roller.

Angle gearboxes and a series of gearwheels ensure the double drive of the rollers (standard): no special maintenance is required. No synchronisation procedure must be repeated, unlike models with belts or chains. 

The FC 8830 R model complements the current offer comprising the FC 9530 R (9. 53m) and FC 10030 R (9.93m).

For the front of the tractor: the FC 3125 RF (3.10 m cut) and FC 3525 RF (3.50m cut) feature the same technologies as the rear model.

Source: KUHN S.A.