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New FBP 27 truck-mixer concrete pump

More flexibility and more range


SCHWING has revised the boom geometry of the new FBP 27 truck-mixer concrete pump. The adaptations to the boom package expand the working area on construction sites so that concreting can now be carried out right up to the driver's cab when the boom is in the appropriate position. This is possible due to the extension of the first boom element and the extension of the opening angle of the last boom element to an angle of 278°.

The boom in RZ-fold, like the predecessor FBP 26 model, uses only straight boom arms without offsets. The advantages are obvious with the small boom width, the low boom weight and the high torsional stiffness. By using the Light Line truck-mixer superstructure in the new FBP 27, the extra weight could be more than compensated by the extended boom element 1. Mounted on a 4-axle chassis, the FBP 27 can transport at least 4.5 m³ of fresh concrete with a permissible total weight of 32 tonnes.

The well-known advantages of the SCHWING Stetter truck-mixer concrete pumps remain unchanged. With respect to ease of operation, the design is completely tailored to the needs and occupational safety of the operating personnel. The entire FBP 27 is operated from the ground, except for the cleaning of the mixing drum. For this, all operating elements have been ergonomically combined on two central operating units, enabling greater convenience and shorter set-up times.

Manoeuvrable and compact - short rear overhang

Space on modern construction sites is becoming scarcer, and the requirements for space-saving operation of construction vehicles while maintaining safety have increased. The low space requirement of the FBP outrigger ensures high installation flexibility and enables safe erection even on cramped jobsites. By using the large rear outriggers, the support pads can be waived in many cases when supporting. The short rear protrusion of the FBP makes manoeuvring at the installation site easier and decreases the risk of damage in rough terrain.

All included

The more extensive the equipment of a truck-mixer pump, the more flexible its usability. As such, the FBP 24 and FBP 27 provide numerous placing and storage options. Thus, hoses up to 5 m in length can be safely carried along in the aluminium trays mounted on both sides. On the right side of the tool box is space for couplings, tools and other accessories.

Easy to service

Daily filling and emptying of the water box can be carried out easily and safely from the ground. Changing the pumping piston is also done in no time: free access to the water box facilitates work and ensures short downtimes and guarantees fast reuse.

Source: SCHWING GmbH