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S 47 SX III truck-mounted concrete pump

New S 47 SX III truck-mounted concrete pump

Small footprint and flexible 5-section boom with extended roll folding


The completely newly developed S 47 SX III truck-mounted concrete pump is another new addition to the III series. It is based on many proven components from various development stages and series, and it is ready for market entry in the third generation. A special feature of this machine is the high flexibility of the boom package, known from the S 38 SX Reptor series, with the large boom opening angles and easy-to-operate roll-folding.

Roll-folding and large opening angle as key

The S 47 SX III has a 5-section boom package with intuitive roll-folding and achieves a vertical reach of 46.10 metres. The boom package is much more mobile and flexible thanks to the exceptionally large and fully usable opening angles on the boom elements 4 and 5. The same applies here: The more flexible and user-friendly the boom can be positioned and the more user-friendly the vehicle is in operation, the faster and safer it will be to cope with demanding concretes. In comparison to machines from other manufacturers in this class, only standard pipe bends with large radii are used in the boom piping of the S 47 SX III from SCHWING. This increases safety during pumping and minimizes the risk of blockages caused by pipe radii that are too narrow. It also makes it easier and more economical to stock up on the wear parts required.

The good experience with the S 38 SX Reptor and the positive customer feedback on the boom package were decisive factors in the decision to also use the same principle for the S 47 SX III. At the same time, the vehicle also shows its strengths in the interaction of other components. Built on a 4-axle chassis, the unladen weight is just over 31 tons. The S 47 SX III, which is less than 12 m long, meets the challenge of the increasingly scarce space available on construction sites with an installation area that is outstanding in this class, achieved by the exceptionally small support distances of 8.90 m in the front and 9.60 m at the rear.

To increase the ease of use, assistance systems such as "Active" for boom damping and "Diractive" are available for the vehicle. In the new hydraulic system the individual control valves of the control block with the safety valves are mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinders, for the signals of the VECTOR control to be immediately converted into movement without delay at the hydraulic cylinder. All of the boom elements can be moved more precisely and sensitively. At the same time, the Diractive system enables single lever control of the end hose in horizontal or vertical direction and other useful functions such as locking individual boom elements or specifying limited movement angles.

Typical SCHWING economy and reliability


Three different pump batteries are available for the new S 47 SX III. The P2525 long-stroke pump battery with 2.50 metre long pumping cylinders offers even quieter operation and reduced wear. The P2525 requires just 8 strokes per minute for a standard flow rate of almost 60 m³/h, around 20% less than with the other pump batteries available on the market. In combination with the open hydraulic system, which already achieves high flow rates at fuel-saving engine speeds below 1000 rpm, wear and operating costs are reduced. The COC documentation delivered ex works enables all European countries to obtain quick and legal approval of the concrete pump.

Source: SCHWING GmbH