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OPTIFILLER incorporator (DELTIS 2) An innovative chemical induction bowl: high volume and compact!

KUHN continues to develop its CROP PROTECTION range. After the LEXIS trailed sprayer unveiled at AGRITECHNICA 2015, KUHN launches its new mounted sprayer, DELTIS 2.

This new sprayer was developed and designed for livestock farms and multiple crop-livestock farms looking for simplicity, reliability and safe use. Designed to replace the current DELTIS range, the DELTIS 2 features many changes including the new OPTIFILLER chemical induction bowl.

This is the first patented chemical induction bowl to be built into a sprayer. It has a long-lasting structure that withstands the most aggressive products. The OPTIFILLER chemical induction bowl is the fruit of many years of testing and intensive trials and provides many advantages:

  • Unfolded, its 42 litre volume and wide inclined opening (40 cm) makes it very convenient to use, particularly when large plant protection product containers are used.

  • Folded, it is highly compact and fits within the frame of the machine.

  • Perfectly sealed during rinsing, it prevents any splash back onto the user, who can then work in complete safety.

  • Incorporation is practical and uses foot action, so the operator does not need to bend toward the incorporator filled with product.

  • All the other handling operations are done using the hand-held lance: humidification of the incorporator's walls, rinsing of the incorporator and containers using the rotating nozzle.

Unveiled for the first time at SPACE 2016 in Rennes, the DELTIS 2 fitted with the OPTIFILLER chemical induction bowl is available for sale from September 2016.

Source: Kuhn