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Carer electric forklift trucks

RH2 Series: high performance electric forklift trucks

Carer has renewed the existing RH series of electric forklift trucks, expanding the choice of capacity (4.5-8 tons) and improving the performance and efficiency of the product.

Carer has just launched its new RH2 series, an upgrade of the previous RH series that, in addition to widening its capacity range (making the 8 tons version also available), improves performance and efficiency thanks to a new front axle assembly, a double-engine produced by a globally recognized manufacturer.

The new axle leverages an electronic differential, ensuring the optimization of the driving mode according to the operator’s habits and allows for braking energy recovery, providing superior energy efficiency. The hydraulic system has also been improved.

The RH2 series is made up of basic and robust forklifts: a range that guarantees low-cost electric lift trucks with a good technological level, ideal for normal handling needs.

Source: © Carer Srl


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