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Speedtronic-web: Maximum crop protection and minimum risk of blockage

The potato harvest is influenced by many factors, for example the quantity of potatoes, soil, stones, clods, haulm etc. in the crop flow. The driver adjusts the crop flow in the machine via the drive speed and settings of the harvester.  With a low crop flow the maximum performance of the machine is not used and a high crop flow increases the risk of blockages especially of the main webs. During the daily use, the driver often takes the middle course to avoid constant manual readjustment.

The Solution: Speedtronic-web:


The fully automatic speed control of the main webs, Speedtronic-web, automatically controls the web speed depending on the driving speed of the tractor and a load control. The driving speed and load control work simultaneous. The load control of the main webs avoids a blockage as it automatically increases the speed with increasing pressure on the main web drive. If the pressure drops down to a certain level, the drive speed control also controls the main web speed again. This means that harvesting can always be carried out in a gentle and performance-oriented manner - and under all harvesting conditions. The driver is completely relieved from all manual monitoring and control jobs and can fully concentrate on the whole harvesting process.

In combination with the Speedtronic-Sep, the fully automatic separator speed control, the user got almost a fully automatic harvester.

Speedtronic-web will be presented at the Agritechnica 2019 and is available as an option for the 2-row bunker harvester EVO 280 and 290 with VarioDrive from 2020 on.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG