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SPRAYTRONIC: Frequency spraying for optimal quality of application

In spraying, the main problem with current equipment is the limit on the range of working speed to ensure good spraying quality. Outside this range, the droplets are too fine (drift) or too big (dripping).

For use with intra-plot application adjustment, as well as the limit on the working speed range, it also limits the range of the application rate that is possible in the plot.

To deal with this problem, BERTHOUD offers a new feature on VANTAGE trailed sprayers and RAPTOR self-propelled sprayers: frequency spraying using a solenoid valve placed on each nozzle.

Increase your working ranges using Spraytronic: The concept

Depending on your speed, a solenoid valve on each nozzle will momentarily cut the spraying. The ratio between the opening and closure time changes according to the speed variation at a fixed frequency.

So SPRAYTRONIC can vary the flow of a nozzle by 70%, identically to the working speed, without changing the operation pressure!


  • A single nozzle used to cover a great majority of requirements: Limit the costs of use

  • No jumps in pressure following a change of nozzle: Optimal quality

  • Use of a standard nozzle holder: Increase your range of action without having to change nozzles

  • Can function by entering a desired working pressure: Optimal quality according to the working conditions

  • Possibility to opt for nozzle/nozzle cut-off