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STRIGER 100 series: Strip-till tool - Models 300 / 400R / 600 R

New generation fixed and foldable mounted STRIGER


Armed with ten years’ experience, improvements have been made to today’s STRIGER strip till tool to make it even more efficient. Numerous changes have been made to this high-performance machine, renowned today as the reference in STRIP-TILL. From 4 to 12 rows and from 45 to 80 cm spacing.

Hydraulic trapezium system for excellent ground contour following

Equipped with a hydraulic trapezium system and two gauge wheels, each unit contours the ground independently. The trapezium ensures uniform working depth for homogeneous root development and regular-depth fertilizer placement.

A quick and easy tool to set

KUHN has focused on simplifying the settings of the STRIGER 100 series strip-till tool’s different working components. Hence, the majority of adjustments require no tools.

The trapezium system and press wheel are set hydraulically from the driver’s seat.

The trapezium-mounted trash removers can be adjusted from the rear of the module to contour the ground and clear residues. Their design prevents residues from wrapping, and with the down-pressure put on them, they are capable of clearing plant cover with roots.

The deflector discs that define the seeding line have a simple 3-dimensional adjustment system: forward motion, shift and rotation. The purpose of this type of setting is to ensure that the strip is perfectly worked and well differentiated from the inter-row area.

Higher resistance and quick change wearing parts

KUHN combines the expertise of two of their factories, Châteaubriant (France) and Hutchinson (USA) to develop a new point and leg. The point has a clever time-saving quick-change system.

The lower part of the point has fins which work the entire soil profile creating a great seedbed. Being bevelled at the front, the point improves soil flow using less power. It is coated to make it harder wearing and better value for money.

The new leg can operate with different fertilization systems; solid, liquid or manure. The different fertilizer tubes fix on easily with no need for tools. Fertilizer placement depth is adjustable, irrespective of working depth.

Discs for springtime operations are also available as an option for the STRIGER 100 series strip-till tool.

3 types of press wheel for any conditions

Whatever your working conditions, you’ll find the press wheel to meet your needs with the STRIGER tool:

  • The wire wheel for summer or spring operations in light to medium soil.

  • The rubber wheel for pre-rape or beetroot operations, in light soil.

  • The chain wheel with floating chains, to produce mounds composed of well-crumbled soil.

All wheels are pressure adjustable, hydraulically from the cab while working.

Source: Kuhn