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Super-sized KUHN gyrotedders get chassis and suspension updates for 2016

KUHN Farm Machinery has upgraded its range of super-sized grass tedders, with its 13 and 17.2 metre machines both benefitting from a new chassis design and rotor lifting mechanism which give the machines higher ground clearance at headlands and improved contour-following on rough terrain.


KUHN’s new GF 13012 and GF 17012 Gyrotedders enable users to ted up to 15 ha (37 ac) of grass per hour. The GF 13012 uses 12 tedder rotors to give a working width of 13.0 metres while the GF 17012 uses 16 rotors to give a working width of 17.2 metres. The machines require a PTO power output of 80 hp and 100 hp respectively and use two new design features to give higher rotor lift at headlands and improved contour-following on rough terrain.

For improved headland clearance, the two outer sections on both machines are supported and held in place by self-reeling tension straps which enable all 12 or 16 rotors to be lifted in one motion. Not only do the straps reduce stress on the main chassis and individual rotor sections, they also ensure the entire machine remains stable across its full width, even when moving over rough or rutted terrain.

The supporting straps also act as safety guards, replacing the traditional metal guards which added weight and could distort under load on previous machines. When folding the tedder into its road transport position, an auto-reel device – similar to those used to tension car seat belts – automatically winds the straps away.

The rotors on both machines are raised hydraulically at headlands where a pair of transport wheels provides high ground clearance. This allows the tedder to travel over windrowed crops without causing the cut grass to be dragged out of place or clumped into piles.

The rotors on both models follow uneven terrain and surface changes as well as KUHN’s smaller eight and four rotor machines thanks to KUHN’s novel Ground Save Control (GSC) system. This system allows the rotor train to move independently of the carrying frame: when in use, the weight of the chassis is supported by the large transport wheels, while the small diameter rotors are suspended separately, enabling each rotor to follow the contours of the ground without scraping the soil. This not only prevents the crop from being contaminated by dirt but also reduces tine tip wear.

Rotor height is easily adjusted via a single, hand-operated lever located on the 3-point top link, while individual rotor pitch angle can also be adjusted easily and quickly and without the need for tools.

Despite their wide working widths, the updated tedders function as well in small paddocks as they do in large fields thanks to exceptional manoeuvrability. A hydraulically controlled curtain deflector which prevents discharge losses at field edges and borders is also available as an option.

Both tedders use KUHN’s case-hardened, forged steel DIGIDRIVE system for reduced maintenance. This unique drive system is maintenance-free and allows the tedders to fold to a very compact transport size: the GF 13012 folds to 2.4m wide by 6.5m long and 2.68m high, while the GF 17012 folds away to 2.4m wide by 7.5m long and 2.68m high (a transport size smaller than many rival 10m machines).

Source: Kuhn