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Express 4 KR

The 3-point mounted seed drill HORSCH Express KR with power harrow is now available in folding 4 metre working width with the front hopper Partner FT

In addition to the rigid version, the Express 4 KR now is also available as a folding version. With a transport width of max. 3 metres it can be used very flexibly. The Express KR is the universal 3-point mounted HORSCH seed drill with the well-proven TurboDisc double-disc seed coulter in combination with the power harrow Kredo. The 4 KR is equipped with either the trapeze ring roller or the tooth packer. The 14 rotors guarantee a perfect seedbed preparation even in most difficult conditions and with an operational speed of up to 13 km/h. For the foldable version, the adjustment of for example working depth and sowing depth is very easy and quick.

Express 4 KR


For an optimum weight distribution the folding power harrow with levelling bar has been combined with the Partner FT – a hopper with a capacity of 1,600 litres. The compact design of the FT allows for a good visibility towards the front. At the same time the feed opening is rather large for a quick filling with a front loader or a telescopic handler. Additional weights are available as an option to help the Partner FT (dead weight 700 kg) with an additional weight of 360 kg. Thus, the tractor is balanced in an optimum way even if the front hopper is empty. For an optimum even surface and consolidation the front hopper can be equipped with an intermediate packer instead of an additional weight – a RollPack packer with 280 kg or a tyre packer with 230 kg. The double venturi at the metering device allows for an electric half-width shut-off to reduce overlapping. In combination with SectionControl an automatic half-width shut-off via GPS is possible, too.

Source: HORSCH


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