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The precision large area spreader for granulated and floury fertiliser

With the AXENT 100.1 large area spreader, RAUCH offers a powerful, completely redeveloped all-rounder for cost-efficient fertiliser spreading with a tank capacity of 9,500 litres. The special feature of AXENT is that it can be used to spread granulated fertiliser at a working width of up to 50 m as well as floury organic fertiliser like lime up to 15 m with high precision.


Conventional large area spreaders are either designed to spread granulated fertiliser or floury fertiliser. The great disadvantage of this is that if one large area spreader is to be used to spread granulated fertiliser as well as lime, compromises are to be accepted with regard to metering and spreading accuracy. The only option for exacting farmers was the costly use of two specialised large area spreaders, one for granulated and the other for floury or organic fertiliser.

AXENT has a surprisingly simple and efficient solution to this problem. Thanks to a quick-change system, two designated spreading modules can be safely and quickly assembled on the AXENT in only five minutes. This saves valuable time and the efficiency of the large area spreader can be considerably increased.

AXIS Power Pack is the hydraulically driven spreading module for high-precision spreading of granulated fertiliser. The special feature of the belt conveyor system is that it fills a pre-chamber over the spreader discs. The fully automatic electronic metering system EMC (electronic mass flow control) separately controls the left and right metering slide at the base of the pre-chamber. This is the first time that the innovative and fully automatic EMC metering system of the RAUCH three-point spreaders AXIS and AXERA is used in a large area spreader.

The huge advantage of the AXIS Power Pack is that all RAUCH spreading technology innovations of AXIS three-point spreaders can also be used for AXENT. Modern ISOBUS universal terminals, GPS control with the automatic section control system VariSpread and the precise headland and section control system OptiPoint are included in the equipment options along with site-specific fertiliser spreading and precise, remote-controlled border and boundary spreading on both sides.

The spreading unit for lime and similarly floury or organic fertilisers is also driven hydraulically. The belt conveyor directly supplies the spreading material to the spreading discs. This way, congestion effects are avoided. In contrast to the AXIS Power Pack, the spreader material is now metered by means of the belt conveyor speed depending on the forward speed and the desired application rate. This way, an ideal and constant spreading precision is achieved even with problematic pouring properties.

RAUCH AXENT large area spreaders are the ideal solution for all demanding managers who are looking for powerful solutions to increase precision in high-range, cost-efficient fertiliser spreading while reducing operating costs. High manufacturing quality and future-proof electronic ISOBUS systems ensure sustainable investments for many years of professional operation.



Source: RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik Gmb