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Twin-shaft mixer 4.0 - Power and Efficiency

The Stetter twin-shaft mixer 4.0 is the powerful heart of a 4 m³ Stetter batching plant. In combination with a weight-optimised 8 m³ truck mixer fleet, the batch-optimised DW 4.0 guarantees high efficiency and reliable concrete supply. The performance of the mixer is impressive. With the DW 4.0, Stetter has a unique selling point, especially with regard to the 4 m³, with high efficiency and a positive energy balance at the same time.


The incentive for the development of the high-volume twin-shaft mixer for the ready-mix concrete industry was the need for higher efficiency, better utilisation of the batching plant and shorter service lives of the truck mixers. Meanwhile the trend-setting technology of the Stetter twin-shaft mixers in around 300 batching plants proves its efficiency. With a mixer size of 4 m³, a hardened concrete output of up to 148 m³ per hour can be achieved, but individual batches of very small quantities of 0.25 m³ or more of concrete can also be mixed. In comparison with smaller mixers, the production costs for concrete can be reduced by up to 20 % per m³. Faster production saves time and also has a positive effect on the energy balance both during operation of the batching plant and due to the shorter loading time during operation of the truck mixers.

Efficient and low-maintenance drive

Instead of a belt drive, all twin-shaft mixers from Stetter are equipped with a powerful direct drive via bevel-helical gear, in which the motor and gear form an efficient unit. This drive technology is also highly efficient when starting up. Alignment or angular errors, as they can occur with belt drives, are eliminated due to the design. The interaction of the mixing shafts is determined by synchronization via a drive line. Together with the excellent maintenance accessibility, this reduces the service effort for the Stetter twin-shaft mixer to a minimum.

Advantages of the Stetter 4.0 twin-shaft mixer:

  • High efficiency during start-up

  • Batch-optimized for weight-optimized truck mixer fleet

  • No need to readjust V-belts or toothed belts

  • Compact design

  • Trough tiles and mixing tools made of high-quality wear-resistant cast steel > 61 HRC (Rockwell hardness)

  • Easy access to all mixer components for servicing and maintenance

Source: SCHWING GmbH