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Vicon iXflow-E – Circulation System for Mounted Sprayers

For Increased Precision and Crop Quality


Vicon introduces a circulation system for mounted sprayers, called iXflow-E. iXflow-E is a new continuous circulation system with electrically operated nozzle holders which fit to the Vicon HC 24-30 metre spray boom range.

iXflow-E Circulation System

“For the Vicon iXtrack trailed sprayer range we already had the iXflow system with pneumatic operated nozzles which has been available for a few years”, explains Rolf Allmendinger, Product Manager. “Now we are introducing a new circulation system, called iXflow-E, with electrically operated nozzles which is optimised for the mounted sprayer range. There is a free circulation of chemicals with a return of spray liquid back to the tank as soon as spraying stops. This means that there is no sedimentation in the spray lines and no dead ends for spraying or cleaning, even when the boom is in vertical position. Each section gets under pressure from both ends of the spray lines, so the operator can immediately start spraying without any pressure drop.”

Up to 15 Sections

iXflow-E is available on the Vicon HC 24,27, 28 and 30 metre spray booms with a maximum number of 15 spraying sections. So it is easy for the operator to determine the number and size of sections which fits the best to their requirements and field situations. The combination of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL and GPS allows the operator to reduce overlap and over dosing, to increase crop quality and save costs. All this in combination with even high flow rates, because there is no impact on the section length, no loss of pressure or an unequal flow between sections.

Increased Precision with iXflow-E

iXflow-E is also fully compatible with the iXclean Pro automatic cleaning and rinsing functionality. Rest liquid is not returned into the tank with the result of minimisation of the technical rest volume in the tank and spot contamination at the farm or in the field is avoided.

Source: Kverneland Group