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SCHWING boom arms S 36 X

A revolution for truck-mounted concrete pumps: SCHWING boom arms S 36 X DirectDrive rotate up to 360°

More flexible than all comparable models in the class


With the DirectDrive, SCHWING is revolutionizing working with truck-mounted concrete pumps. The innovative drive not only combines the specific advantages of the previously known boom folding types of a machine, but also creates completely new application possibilities. The S 36 X DirectDrive can therefore be used more flexibly than any other truck-mounted concrete pump in its class. The S 36 X DirectDrive from SCHWING is a masterpiece.

What was presented at bauma 2016 in Munich as a functional model on an SPB is now ready for series production and installed in the new S 36 X DirectDrive truck-mounted concrete pump. With the DirectDrive, the SCHWING engineers have achieved a technical masterpiece. The extended mobility of the last two boom sections opens up previously unattainable possibilities, including endless 360° movements on the last boom section. The idea for the limitless mobility of one or more boom joints was developed by SCHWING engineers in St. Stefan, Austria. This is where the basic idea for a rotary motor drive in the boom joint was developed, which is operated with the aid of gear technology. The DirectDrive eliminates almost all restrictions at the last two boom knuckles that arise from the use of hydraulic cylinders. The DirectDrive, with its unique flexibility, also eliminates the need for the classic boom folding types R, RZ or Z. The entire handling and thinking involved in operating a truck-mounted concrete pump, all movements in halls and threading into buildings have reached a new, revolutionary stage. Thanks to the direct control of the DirectDrive hydraulic motors, the operator's control commands are immediately translated into movements, for the boom of the S 36 X DirectDrive to be moved extremely sensitively and precisely.

In-depth manufacturing in the company

The DirectDrive shows SCHWING-Stetter's special in-depth manufacturing. All relevant components and developments were developed, programmed, tested and manufactured in Herne and St. Stefan. The S 36 X DirectDrive naturally also uses the well-known and proven SCHWING components that make the machine in combination with all its features an exceptional model.

Source: SCHWING GmbH