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HORSCH MobileControl and SmartCan – easy operation of machine functions with a mobile phone

In the future, SmartCan will serve as a means to link customer, machine and manufacturer. The machine has to be equipped with the SmartCan module which can be installed on more and more job computers on the machines. In the future, it will allow for reading out all machine data and the first step is providing the WiFi (WLAN) access to the machine.

By means of his smartphone and the corresponding MobileControl app, the customer will then be able to access this data. The app is available for devices with the operating systems Android (Google) and iOS (Apple).

With this app the customer can quite easily carry out machine functions like calibration, nozzle tests on Leeb sprayers or a row test on the Maestro. In the future, wireless software updates or remote diagnostics together with the dealer in case of an error message might be possible.

HORSCH SmartCan also allows for the transfer of telemetry data or the data exchange with farm management systems. At the Agritechnica the system will already be connected to the agrirouter software.

Source: HORSCH Maschinen GmbH