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Kröger HKD302-S with quick opening to unload spillage goods Go to photo
Kröger HKD302-S with quick opening to unload spillage goods

Kröger three-way tipper with quick opening - now even more flexible use

Since the agroliner 18-ton three-way tipper is also available with one-part, hydraulically lifted side panels, these units are increasingly also being used for transporting silage, compost or other poorly flowing loads. However, it was not possible to unload spillage goods such as cereals, rapeseed or grain maize via the hydraulic side panels until now, because the surge pressure after opening the bottom lock was very high and therefore too much strain was put on the large one-part side panel. As a result, spillage goods could only be unloaded via the opposite or rearward conventional swivel side panels, which also meant that the tipping side could no longer be chosen as required.

Kröger took this as an opportunity to make crucial developments to the hydraulic side panel. The new developments involve automatic relief of the pressure on the side panel after unlocking. The load pressure is detected immediately upon opening and a pressure equalisation is triggered to activate the quick opening. The hydraulic side panel springs open up to a sufficient opening angle and can be lifted further hydraulically as required. The entire load can therefore be tipped out of the trailer within a very short time, without counter-pressure from the side panel elements.

The quick opening thus now also allows for the unloading of spillage goods via the hydraulic side panels, making this vehicle concept even more flexible.

Source: Peter Kröger GmbH


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