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KUHN FB 3135 AUTOMATE: Fully automatic operation with the new FB 3135 AUTOMATE

The FB 3135 offers a new unique AUTOMATE function creating a fully automatic round baler. The AUTOMATE function benefits operators as it offers a high level of comfort by means of ergonomics and stress-free working and provides increased overall capacity.

Unique features of the new Fixed chamber round Baler 3135 with AUTOMATE;

  • High level of comfort; the tailgate opens automatically* as soon as the net is applied without any further user involvement. The bale kicker notices when the bale is out of reach and the tailgate is not opened any further than necessary. A highly detailed process overview on the terminal informs you about the ongoing activity. At the same time, the visual and acoustic signals on the baler before and during the automatic tailgate process warn spectators to improve safety of your operation.

  • Full focus on driving; the balers overload protection clutch is activated whenever the balers intake gets obstructed by the amount of crop to be fed in. The DROPFLOOR lowers automatically* and the knives are retracted. The ongoing process is indicated on the terminal. After the PTO is re-engaged, the rotor restarts and the crop is guided unobstructed in the bale chamber, the DROPFLOOR and knives automatically return to their position. In addition, the OPTICUT knives are automatically cleaned after the predefined number of bales has been reached in the program. This will keep the knife slots clean for easier removal of the knives at the end of your working day.

  • Optimum bale shape and density; the baler pressure setting is easily done from the comfort of the cab plus knives can independently be controlled from the DROPFLOOR. The highly accurate tailgate sensors monitor the bale growth as from 80%. You will be notified about the baling process through the bale growth indicator while you can guide the baler according to the left-right bale chamber filling indicator for optimum bale shape and density.

  • Control system of your choice; the ISOBUS compatible FB 3135 AUTOMATE can be controlled in 3 different ways:

- Manual (press and hold buttons to activate the process)

- Semi-automatic (press button to start cycle)

- Fully automatic mode

Source: Kuhn

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