PNEUSEJ FANTOM – New era of seed drills

Seed drill designed for achieving maximum efficiency. Pneusej Fantom is designed to minimize working operations and to place the seed with maximum precision.


Pneusej VENGA - New era of seed drills

Seed drill designed to fit the requirements of every farmer. Pneusej Venga is a lightweight machine with completely new design and construction,...

PNEUSEJ Optimus - powerful / effective / flexible

The drawn seeding machine is designed according to farmers’ requirements for increasing areal performance with low energetic demands. The machine consists of a drawn hopper with a capacity of 4,600 litres for high performance with minimum idle time due to filling. The hopper features two Accord dosers placed on the sides of the hopper to enable operators to easily perform maintenance and set the sowing dosage or empty remaining seeds.